Ken Salter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want a print that is shown as sold.  Can you print another for me?

No.  Each image is printed, at most, one time.  All prints are unique.

What is a strange loop?

A strange loop is a concept developed by cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter in his books Godel, Escher and Bach and I am a Strange Loop.  Hofstadter's experiments with video feedback inspired the concept of the Strange Loop.  Follow this link for an example.

How much do the prints cost?

Please contact Gallery 30 South for pricing

What are the dimensions?

Prints are 25-3/4 H x 29 W

How do I hang the print?

A wooden block is provided that you nail to the wall.  The frame hangs on the wooden block.

How do I order one?

Please contact Gallery 30 South

What is your return policy?

Please contact Gallery 30 South.

How are the prints made?

The Epson 11880 8 Hi-Fi color dye sublimation printer produces these HD Aluminum images. The features of this printer offer the widest color scope and fidelity in the HD aluminum metal printing process.

This HD Process begins by printing the image with dye sublimation ink to transfer paper. This gets transferred on top of the HD Aluminum media and then subjected to a heat press. The ink gets raised to a temperature 400 degrees that forms into a gas. Through the force of 80 tons of pressure, the gas penetrates into the HD aluminum material.