Ken Salter

About the Artist

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Born in Los Angeles, Ken Salter has been at the frontier of entertainment technology and art for over 25 years.  With engineering degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA, Ken worked for Disney Imagineering developing new technologies for theme park rides.  He has numerous patents on ride and entertainment technology.  He co-owns a company which manufactures large sculptures, using digital techniques, for some of the world's most successful artists.  His interest in fractals and emergence originated in 2000 after reading several books on chaos and complexity science.

Ken was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 2008 at the age of 46.   One of the benefits of this disease is that changes in brain chemistry enhance creativity and awaken artistic abilities  (see article).   Accordingly, Ken showed his first piece, "Chaotic Fractal Generator" at San Francisco's Exploratorium in 2013.

Ken views reality from a systems perspective and is skeptical of faith. The concept of emergence reinforces his worldview that intricate systems that appear to be designed need no creator.   He is particularly interested in the nature of consciousness as an emergent phenomenon.