Ken Salter

Garden of Strange Loops

Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool is an interactive device which generates ever-changing images that emerge from video feedback and respond to Tai Chi style motions of the observer.

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One-of-a-kind Prints

Images from the Reflecting Pool are captured by the artist.  The finest images are selected and offered as superior quality  26" x 29" prints on a framed aluminum plate.  Each print is one-of-a-kind.

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Studio Visit

The interactive Reflecting Pool resides in the artist's Los Angeles area studio and can be experienced by appointment.  Sample prints can be viewed and you may order a one-of-a-kind print at the studio or online.

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Garden of Strange Loops

The Garden of Strange Loops is a planned group of generative digital interactive works that explore emergence.  Emergence is a property of systems where simple rules, applied repeatedly, lead to novel and coherent patterns whose structure and complexity far exceed the complexity of the underlying rules.  Emergence is a property of natural, biological, and socio-economic systems.

The focus of this work is emergence as it pertains to stream of consciousness. The work is intended to provide insight into how the mind emerges from the brain.

Reflecting Pool is the central building block of the Garden of Strange Loops.  Reflecting Pool technology consists of video feedback of an interactive mosaic with reactive audio.   It uses a camera, 4k monitor, Leap Controller and a PC running TouchDesigner.

Additional, novel modules are under development and will be added to the "Garden" in time.

Custom Installations

The artist can manufacture Reflecting Pools for installation into private collections, galleries or museums.  The artist's Reflecting Pool may also be available to loan for art shows/exhibits/festivals.